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Searching Online for Your New Home?

Hunting for a new home online a is a great place to BEGIN your search but keep in mind that you

don’t see everything. Real estate agents are great at highlighting the features of a house listing online but to make the most of your time, keep these three things in mind:

Identify your Housing Needs

Preferences are important when house searching. A house may not have everything you want but it will have most of the things. Be realistic about pricing and keep in mind the must-have items that will definitely be needed because this will help narrow your search.

Stay up to Date

When you start your search, make sure you go to sites with up-to-date listings directly from the multiple listing service. Real estate agents post their active listings on their local MLS, and often these listings are syndicated to many popular consumer-facing real estate sites. Many of these sites fail to remove listings that are already off the market, and this can lead to you trying to sort through them and find the most recent ones, and too often you may fall in love with a house that is already under contract or sold long ago.

Pictures can be Deceiving

Photographers capture listings at their best. They use different strategies and tools to boost the appeal of the home like creative editing and expensive camera equipment known for its effects. What they don’t show is unappealing parts, like an undone bathroom or small closet.

Go See The Listing After

After you have chosen a house that’s appealing to you, schedule a showing with YOUR real estate agent, NOT the listing agent of the house you want to see, or the name on the sign (more on this in another blog). This is the opportunity to see every part of the house in person and see if it’s a good fit. Searching online is a great way to learn more about the house you’re looking for. Even if you’re still unsure about moving, house hunting online has many benefits and can help you streamline the process and be more efficient with your time.

Happy house hunting!

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