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On The Fence About Beds With Adjustable Bases?

For quite some time, I've scoffed at the ads for those fancy beds with adjustable bases and blew them off as belonging in hospitals. Also, with adjustable bases often being linked to the elderly, many people pass off on the many benefits they have. This summer we took the plunge and bought a bed with all the bells and whistles, including an adjustable base, and I am sorry we waited so long to do it! We love it!! Not only does it have so many options for comfortable sleeping positions (and those preferences change with the day), I personally find myself reading more at night before bed because I have a comfy spot to cuddle up with the dogs on my side of the bed with the head tilted all the way up for back support. If you are interested in an adjustable base bed, check out these reasons why one might just be right for you!


There is an endless list of health benefits that accompany adjustable base beds. They include reduction in leg swelling, body aches, snoring, acid reflux, and heartburn. They can even help enhance blood circulation.


With the ability to control the position in which you sleep, you are able to increase your comfort. This will help you get more restful sleep, and can even help you sleep longer.


Everyone has a different sleeping position that benefits them the most. With a typical bed, you usually have to compromise when it comes to what works best for you. If you have a bed with a split adjustable base, you can enjoy a great night’s sleep next to a partner who has different sleeping preferences.


Adjustable base beds have proven they work well for the elderly, but there's more to the story! Having an adjustable bed is great for the nights you are congested and sick -- no matter your age -- as they allow you to prop yourself up and prevent congestion from progressing. It also helps if you are recovering and feeling weak, as it is much easier to get into and out of bed when you can adjust the base to work for you.

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